Welcome to Winern Glebe Allotments Society

Winern Glebe Allotments are located at the end of Winern Glebe Road off Rectory Lane in Byfleet village.

Allotments offer great benefits – fresh air and exercise, fresh food you can trust, and an outdoor space in which you can relax and make friends.

Our allotment holders are from many different backgrounds and are passionate about growing, planting and looking after the local environment.

If you would like to find out about becoming an allotment holder, please visit the Contact page and fill in your details and we can arrange a time for you to come and have a look around.

Frequently asked questions

There is usually a waiting list for allotments so you will need to register your interest by completing the form on the Contact page.

Cost for a 10 rod plot = £50 per year + £3 membership fee.

Cost for a 5 rod plot = £25 per year + £3 membership fee.

Cost for a 2½ rod plot = £12.50 per year + £3 membership fee.

Our allotment sizes range from approximately 2½ rods (62 square meters) to approximately 10 rods (250 square metres).

A rod (or perch), is a traditional Saxon land measure still used in the twentieth century and is equivalent to 25m².

Yes, you can have a shed and greenhouse on your allotment as long as it is of a suitable size and does not block your neighbours light. If in doubt, please contact the Committee.
The site has a composting toilet. Please do not put anything in the toilet other than the paper provided and what comes out naturally.
Water is provided in tanks at various points around the site which you can use to fill up your watering can. Please always make sure you have turned the tap off when you have finished filling the tank.
Stable-manure and chippings are supplied free of charge for you to use on your allotment. We get deliveries as and when we need it so please feel free to help yourself.